ADZ6888- Exhibition (Field)

Aprille Morrish- St20022142

Explore The Imagination

Explore The Imagination is a collection of designs for Children’s interior products such as bedding and curtains, all the designs were inspired by mark makings created with toys and playful activities such as skipping and Hula-hooping. I have taken my colours from the ‘Colours of The Rainbow’ trend on WGSN as it provided a variety which are suitable for both girls and boys,  I am very pleased with my colours in my final collection. They are bright, playful and fun which is exactly what sums up my designs.

Creating my collection consisted of 3 families, all of which had a different colour selection from the colour pallet and were based on different characteristics created in the mark makings. All of my designs are done digitally as while experimenting with screen printing techniques I was unable to achieve the standard of professional quality I desire for my collection. I experimented with several different screen printing techniques but couldn’t find one that was suitable for my customer or my products. I tired Puff as I thought it would appeal to children, however I soon realised that my fabrics would constantly be in contact with skin, clothing or other fabrics this causing a problem as Puff can not take many rubs before the binder releases from the fabric. There were similar reason as to why flock and foils were unsuitable for my products as well.

My brief stated that I would use stitch to add detail and enrich my design, however when experimenting with stitch it did not create the desired effect. My designs are bold and speak for themselves meaning the detail of the stitch wasn’t required as there was nothing to give detail too. I feel that the shapes and colours in my design were enough without the stitch, however I am still pleased I experimented with digital stitch and have become familiar with the programme and technology.

This project has been a challenge in many ways, but one that I confronted head on and by doing so have noticed the improvements in both my work and my confidence as a designer. While creating my mood boards I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Being very aware of the feedback from the previous module I wanted to excel myself. Previously creating my boards by hand I decided to spend time designing them on photoshop, this meant I would be able to display technical ability through the designs. However, on reflection I was not visually pleased with the final outcomes and after making several changes to help improve the boards I decided to compromise with myself.

To solve this problem I decided to continue with my same style of boards, as if I was creating them by hand, but use photoshop to give them a professional and precise finish. Once I had decided to do this, creating a board that I was satisfied with was easy. I learnt that I can’t change my style, as a designer I am an individual who needs to listen and respect the opinions of others to help me develop, but also know when to stick with what I enjoy and know I am confident achieving.

The Exhibition module has allowed me the time and tools to practice new skills and refine on old ones. I was able to use a space which the University provided to create my large and very messy mark makings. This was the underlining foundation to my whole collection as they were then drawn from and developed into designs. I have also taken the time to revisit Lino printing during this module which was part of my development process. Having these skills fresh in my mind and being updated gives me confidence when applying for jobs and I feel it is a good position to be in having the experience in such a wide range of abilities.

I feel this project has given me the independence to work freelance which is something I had never considered before. Looking at what I have achieved over the time of this module makes me realise my own ability. It reminds me of how much I have progressed over the last 9 months alone, which gives me encouragement to keep learning and developing my skills whilst still doing what I enjoy and gaining experience.

While designing I wanted there to be a large range of choice rather then keeping everything to matching coordinates. I also decided that I didn’t want to over complicate any of my designs because they are for children I thought it was best to focus on the shapes and colours. I wanted to create a fun and exciting environment for children to feel energetic and creative in. Using CAD’s has really helped to bring the designs to life and see how the coordinates and colour ways work together. Without them I would not have the reassurance that all the design work together as a collection. As I am providing bedding products there are many combinations that can work together, I have tried to show examples of the best ones using each size of the duvet cover as an example and using the second pillow to coordinate with the first.

Overall I am pleased with my collection of work, I have really pushed myself with this project to be creative and think of alternative ways to designs. I enjoyed working with the mark makings, developing my design ideas and transferring them onto fabrics. I have learnt many skills along the way from creating press packs and putting up my exhibition. Allowing for ideas to develop and being open to opinion is something that I have learnt recently. I have learnt to keep pushing my ideas further to create something better then what I had taken my inspiration from or my original idea.

Aprille Morrish

Surface Designer


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