CAD Visuals

For me creating these CAD’s have been the moment that my designs have come to life. Not all of the CAD’s but most of them look so realistic with the shadows and the creases that appear in the fabric. As a designer it is refreshing and exciting being able to see how the designs would work on products, for me the CAD’s appear much better then I had been imagining.

Being able to see how the co-ordinates work together and how they look on the products they were specifically designed for gives reassurance that as a designer something is going right. I am please with the way in which my CAD’s have turned out. Some work better then other, naturally. I wanted to show variating in the co-ordinates and place as many of my designs as possible in a CAD.

After doing the CAD’s there have been a few possible edits to my designs that could happen. Mainly just changing colours, or adding an alternative colour way, for example a design that would fit perfectly but the background colour does not work with the colours in the rest of that collection. However this is things that can be added when they are needed. When designing I tried to keep the a limited colour pallet, however felt that there needed to be some variation with the colours that are used, mainly a variation in the background colour used. On reflection the CAD’s demonstrate how some of the design that co-ordinate together would work better on the same colour. This way they can be used as different side of a duvet cover, or even a pillow and a cover and match better with the colours.

Board2 ImpresBoard4


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