Screen Printing

Over the past week I have spent my time in the print studio experimenting with colours and fabrics. Keeping a diary of the formulations used to create the colours I have been able to match the pigment with the colours on my colour pallet. Experimenting with the colour, the fabric and the amount of pulls on the screen I managed to collect and rather extensive file of information. The colours appeared slightly different on the different fabrics due to the transparency of them, but this is something that is unpreventable. Having this information written down means I can recreate the exact same colours at any time for this collection.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 13.23.45


After achieving the correct colours and seeing how well they take to the fabric, I decided to experiment with different techniques such as Puff and Foils. I decided to use these techniques as I felt they are child appropriate. The puff is raised and textured making it appealing to the child’s senses, while the foil is shinny and generally attractive.

However, in reflection on these samples I am concerned with the suitability of the techniques on fabric that is used for products such as bedding and soft furnishing. This is because once the puff has been steamed it is not very for or comfortable for skin contact. Also when the images get rubbed the puff starts to fall away making a distorted image which would not be suitable for children who spend a lot of time rolling around and playing a lot of the time. However the foils could still be used and would be very effective.

IMG_5898 IMG_5897


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