Tilleke Schwarz

Today we were lucky enough to meet the famous textile embroider Tilleke Schwarz, she gave her time to talk through her work and explain where she find inspiration and the techniques she uses to create her pieces.

I found her so refreshing, she reminded me that you can create work for simples reasons like that fact that it just makes you smile, or it has a memory linked to it that you are fond of. For example, Tilleke Schwarz repeatedly uses cats in her work because she is so fond of them. She once used the information on a fast food receipt in her work because it was so detailed, and this humoured her.

Being a student sometimes it is easy to get bogged down with having to explain you work and give reasons as to why you have decided to do something. Understandable this is all part of the curriculum that we are all working too and in essential. But Tilleke Schwarz reminded me that I am able to create work based on things that I enjoy, and this will be the luxury for graduating. Being able to set up by myself and create designs that I find visually pleasing, while hopefully attracting people with the same thoughts.

Tilleke Schwarz website address for images and more information on the artist:http://www.tillekeschwarz.com


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