Refined Drawings

After creating mark makings on a large scale I ended up with lots of interesting shapes and patterns, however this was all merged onto paper with also a lot of mess and splat marks. It was time to become more refined with my drawings.

I took small intricate parts of my work and used them in various ways to start creating drawings that would then inspire my patterns and designs. As expected with mark making there is little control over the precision and perfection of what is produced. It really is a matter of how the objects make contact with the paper. Therefore parts were to distorted to use, but it was more the shapes that were created that interested me. I wanted to see how my imagination would interoperate the shapes and how creative I could be with it.

For example, I used the bottom of a balloon to create rounded shapes, however the circles broke in places and started to look more like buttons with two little dots in the middle. When using the shapes created from the Hula hoop there was a more organic appearance to the drawings.










I have found it interesting hearing feedback from classmates who have different interpretations for my drawings. Experimenting with my drawings and creating my first design based on marks of a bouncy ball, I personally saw the design to be quite artistic. Seeing each individual shape as a splatter of paint. While others of my friends saw colourful flowers. I think a lot is to do with the use of colour, so I must be careful and take great consideration with my use of colours.

Bounce1_B_01 Bounce1_G_01


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