External Examiner-Melanie Miller

Today was a big day in terms of our final major project, we met and presented to the external examiner Melanie Miller. We were each allocated time to sit one to one with Melanie and talk through out work. Walking in to the quite room to do my presentation I was instantly at ease, I felt relaxed and confident that Melanie was generally interested in what each student’s projects was on and wanted to help with her professional opinion. There was no feeling of dread that my work was going to be scrutinised and pulled to pieces, which made me feel more confident when speaking.

Through conversation new and interesting ideas emerged which got me thinking about the work that I wanted to do next. It was refreshing have the input from a fresh set of professional eyes, talking to Melanie gave me a new burst of energy for my project. I got excited again to see where the work would lead.

Melanie was also interested in the previous work we did, including our dissertation. It started to make me think about the links between my project work and my dissertation, as of yet I haven’t had an academic sit and talk to me about my dissertation and how it could influence my work. At university, Dissertation is very much a separate module from project work, so having the time to talk through how both topics interest me and looking at the links between them was very helpful.


Melanie Miller’s website address, for imagery and more information on her work: http://www.melaniemillertextiles.co.uk


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