Lino Printing

From the mark makings that have been created I have started to think about technical processes that can be used to show the skills I have developed throughout my university journey. I took the opportunity to attend a Lino printing class, it is something I have done previously but felt that they taking the time to refresh my memory would be helpful.

Working with lino I found it hard to do like for like impressions of the what was on paper, it was almost impossible to get the same detail onto the lino with the tools that were made available. Therefore I used my mark makings as inspiration to create new drawings that work in favour of the lino printing process.

I decided upon marks that were created from the hula-hoop which created very linier marks that would often break off and rejoin in a new direction. They were all different thicknesses which I was able to create by applying different amounts of pressure to the lino.

I repeated the process several times which allowed me to work back into the Lino and work with several colours. The main problem I faced was when i started to layer up the colours. It was very difficult to make the images line up accurately as there was no room for error. It also meant that the colours did not turn out as bright and bold as they originally were as they were played onto of an older colours. For example the red became a orange once it was pressed onto the yellow.

I enjoyed the process of Lino printing and I think the outcome would look very good for a more rustic project. However I need my designs to be clean cut and precise which isn’t the overall look you get when working with Lino.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender


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