Mark Making

Starting the creative process began with the mark makings, this was a lot of fun. It consisted of gather all sorts of toys and playful objects, such as bouncy balls, a skipping rope and even a hula-hoop, and using paint to impress onto paper the creative process. There was a space provided by the university which allowed me to get messy. Working on large scales of paper the marks created were very unusual and some of them are not as expected.

That what is so enjoyable about working with mark makings, there is excitement in not knowing how the work will turn out. There is more freedom to explore different techniques and with each time you do the work becomes more and more interesting. Trying to gather as much material as possible I tried to think of many different uses for the equipment I had, I wanted a variety of different marks so that when it came to being more refined and creating my designs, I was able to have more choice with what I worked with. 1-1 1-4 2-4 2-8


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