Artist Research

It has become apparent through my artist research that there are not many other artist that are working in the same field as me, none of which I am able to discover. Looking for an artist that has a combination for mark makings, imagination, interpretation, play, and creativity into their work seems somewhat difficult. I have been able to find artists that have been relatable to one or two of the key factors towards my work however they very loosely relate.

Being able to take inspiration from other artist is very important however I think the creative process is one that continues off itself. As a designer I like to think of my work as personal to me and individual to my style, gaining inspiration from my own surroundings and interests rather then looking to other artists for that inspiration. However I do understand the importance of knowing what other artists are creating at the present time, as it helps to keep work current and modern.

When designing for commercial products like I am with this project I think it is more important to have a good understanding of the market research. Knowing what is current and selling in the store will be more beneficial.


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