Creating MoodBoards for this projects has been a big struggle for me. I decided to take a different approach to these MoodBoards from what I have done perviously as the feedback I have received is that they all need improving. Throughout my 3 years at university I feel there has not been enough opportunities to improve on these skills as the need to do them is not frequent enough.

Perviously I have always preferred to hand make my MoodBoards rather then create them on Photoshop as I enjoy the idea of them being tactile and a working board, something that can progress as the project does and new idea evolve. However feedback on these boards have been that they are not to a professional standard and that they tend to look messy. Therefore, in hope of getting them right this time I decided to create them on photoshop.

I experimented with using the different tools and techniques that photoshop has to offer, trying to blend and overlay images. However I was not getting the effects that I desired. My project is about being bold, bright and playful, while my MoodBoards were saying dull, complicated and messy. Trying over and over again to achieve the look of my MoodBoards that I wanted while showing my photoshop ability didn’t seem to be working. I ended up with numerous amounts of different designs for each board which I have collected into a sketch book to show my progress. After feeling very frustrated I decided to start from scratch. Instead of focusing on how I thought I should be making the boards, the techniques I should be using etc, I decided to focus on the end vision.

I started by thinking of a particular style that I could have running throughout all my boards to keep them as a collection. After this I thought about the images I wanted to use on my boards. Each image needed to tell a new piece of information and have a reason for being on the board, which has been explained though my MoodBoard evaluations.

Reflecting on the long journey I had with completing my MoodBoards, I not realise that it is best to just design in the way that I feel most comfortable and confident. That way I am sure to always be happy with the work that I produce and will save a lot of time with making changes.


Client colour1 Market Theme


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