Self Set Brief

Having the opportunity to write my own brief for the final major project means I am able to highlight my own personal strengths and abilities, making the project work in my favour and personal to my style.  With a continuing interest throughout my university journey to interiors it was inevitable that this is what my project would be based on. With previous work placements at interior designers I feel I have the most experience in this field and would be working to my strengths by doing so.

All the experience I have had over the last 18 months has been with home interiors rather then commercial or outdoors, therefore I have kept to working within the home. Choosing to design for children’s bedrooms was a decision I that came after thinking about the kinda of style I wanted to display. Knowing that these design will make up my portfolio when searching for my first full time job in the industry I felt it was important to show my particular style and work process.

Reflecting on previous projects I realise that I enjoy creating from mark makings. In a pervious project called ‘making connections’ completed in 2013 I created a lot of my designs from mark makings. I enjoy the process of experimenting with different materials and medias, while always creating new and interesting results. When writing my brief it was important to include this into my upcoming work, while making sure it had a purpose and meaning to the project.

That is where the idea for my theme came in. To produce designs for children’s interior from mark makings created from play. As explained in my brief I will use children’s play as an exercise to create mark that can then be transformed into designs. This is with the idea that surrounding children with designs based on play and creativity will stimulate children’s creative mind.

My brief sets out deliverables which have become familiar through pervious work and projets. I have given consideration to the techniques I will try out, the products I am designing for and the purpose of these products.


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