My Collection

As a collection I think my designs coordinate well together, which is mainly based on the colours used and the textures that are continuously used throughout my products. The final outcomes represent my client well which is what I wanted to achieve, however on reflection I can think of better places for my products to be sold rather then Tescos. This is because I think the designs are a bit too sophisticated and rich for Tescos style and would sell better in retail stores, this is understandable, as I did want them to be fashion led.

I feel I do have a better understand on how to place a product in the market, how to research in customers and client and have a general better understanding of what people look for when shopping. This module has helped me to really push my ideas and constantly be developing my design skills.

I displayed my collection as it would be seen in my clients surroundings. To show how my designs would fit into their fashion conscious ¬†lifestyle. Putting my work in frames as if it would be seen in a young males bedroom and wouldn’t stand out as inappropriate.


Photo 03-12-2014 07 39 30 pm Photo 03-12-2014 06 08 35 pm Photo 03-12-2014 01 22 29 pm Photo 03-12-2014 01 21 39 pm Photo 01-12-2014 07 40 24 pm Photo 01-12-2014 07 33 44 pm Photo 01-12-2014 06 40 51 pm


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