Final Designs

To create my designs I worked on large paintings, using tape I covered sections of the paper as I painted a new colour over the top. Once all was dry I removed the tape and revealed a collection of perfectly straight edged shapes giving a geometric style. I used this technique because it showed the brush strokes in the paint, which gave the textured finish I was trying to achieve. It also showed the different layers in the painting where some of the topcoat had come away when pealing back the tape.

I then put these into Photoshop to experiment with scale, colour and combining my designs. I wanted my collection to vary in scale and offer alternative colour ways in at least one of my designs. Because Tescos has such a wide customer base it is important that my designs were to appeal to as many of those customers as possible and the best way I could think of doing this is by offering options.

I found the greeting card the hardest product to design for. I think by having a set space to work on made it difficult, when designing for the paper products I was thinking more how it would look once wrapped and in a 3D form. I was over complicating my designs for the card, trying to show all aspects of my theme on one small 15cm by 15cm Square. This wasn’t working. Also was trying to fill all the space of my card, this made it look busy and over complicated, and everything was getting lost because there was too much going on. I kept some empty space in my final design, with the brown paper and the texture it doesn’t look bare or boring. It works better with less going on, less is more.


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