My new product development focuses on my gift bag. Teenagers are at an age when they are most sociable, usually spending time in large groups of people their own age. My gift bag emphasizes on the friend circle, its sole purpose is to be reused and to emphasis on the friendship circle. Each time the bag is used it becomes a little more interesting. Simply tear off a tab from the front of the bag to reveal a section to write a funny or personal message to the next friend or family member you wish to pass the bag on to. Each time it is used it becomes more interesting and in the end something memorable which is what people want from their special occasions. Not everyone that receives the bag will understand all the individual messages, but that is part of the fun and humour. Another use for the bag is when people group together to buy a present, which is quite often the case with groups of friends or siblings. It leaves enough space for each person to write their own personal message.

Photo 02-12-2014 07 55 26 pm


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