Tags, Bows and Ribbons

Tags: I decided to create a selection of three tags to be sold together. This is because there are several different aspects in my designs, the Geometric shapes and the Spiro graphs. Each tag highlights a different part of the designs depending on the customers’ preference. However at the same time as having them different I have also kept them coordinating so they do work with all my wrap designs, card and gift bag by colour and shapes.

Photo 09-12-2014 09 58 46 am


Bows: Finding a modern and stylish way of recreating the bow was something that took a lot of consideration. I started by going back to my concept to see if I could get any inspiration. I thought about maps and traveling, and the items taken while traveling to find some ideas for new shapes for my bow. I looked at the shape of sunglasses and thought how I could use that for a bow but couldn’t quite get it to work how I had imagined. I then looked back at my research for ideas, which is where I got my final outline shape. The main link between the bows I have seen is that they are 3D, I decided to use the laser-cutting machine with a design that allowed my bows to be manipulated into 3D shapes. Once again they are to be sold in packs of three that can all be used individually or used one on top of other to create a new design. Each bow has different sections cut out which once layered on top of another one reveals more or less of the bow below.

Photo 01-12-2014 07 40 24 pm


Ribbons: As I didn’t use the bright colours in my main designs as I had planned, I decided to use my ribbons as an opportunity to introduce the brighter colours from my pallet into my collection. As ribbons are usually an optional addition when giving a present, it means the customer is able to decide if they want to bring in the bright colours or if they preferred the overall look without them. I have designed ribbons on both fabric and paper, as I feel that the fabric designs don’t sit in the collection as well because they are too shinny and bright, but at the same time this is the effect I wanted. In contrast and to offer options I designed ribbons on paper which are more fitting to my wrap designs, being colour coordinated and sophisticated.

Photo 01-12-2014 07 45 01 pm


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