When choosing my colour pallet I considered my designs being built up of layers. A lot of the colours I have chosen in my pallet are tonal of each other, ones that work well together and aren’t to bright. I then decided to chose a smaller selection of bright colours that would be used in small amounts at add a pop of contrast in my designs to help them stand out.

When it came to making my designs I experimented with the brighter colours, however they didn’t give the effect I wanted so I decided to stick with using the softer colours only. The bright colours stood out to much and lost the sophisticated feel to the designs, which worked without them.

I also wanted to use a limited number of colours in my final collection, as designing for males’ research has told me that they tend to prefer refined colours. Another reason for keeping my colour pallet to a minimum was that when looking at other Tesco products for stationary, home and clothes, I found that they all used few colours. I think this helps with price and to keep the costs down, which Tescos as a company finds to be an important value. It also helps appeal to as many customers by keeping things simple and this is also what I wanted to achieve in my designs.

A problem I faced with colour was that each time I used a different printer the colours would vary quite drastically, some more than others. This did make a big difference to the overall look of my collection. The brown in my final prints had a lot more red in then my pervious prints, as a better quality printer was used. Although it is hard to prevent things like this from happening without having a constant high quality printer to hand it is something I will bare in mind further in advanced with the next collection I design.


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