I want my final designs to have a textured finish to them, when talking to a professional publisher it was explained to me how important the paper being used was. To find something that makes the buyer hold onto your product an extra few seconds, because it might be those extra few seconds that get you a sale. Price limits from selling my products in Tescos means I am unable to be to extravagant with expensive paper but I have thought that by using a nice brown textured paper it would be more appealing. However, by deciding to use brown paper and card I am limited to what I can put through the printer to make my prototypes. All the brown materials seem too thick to print on, and I am worried they will be too absorbents and will soak up all the ink leaving a washed out finish.

Finding a solution I will consider using a textured paper that isn’t necessarily brown, but instead print the brown onto the paper hoping to give the same effect. If working in the professional industry I feel I would have more options to materials which would prevent me from having to do this. Or, I would have use of a better printer which would be able to print both of high quality and on thick brown card.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 09.47.55


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