Theme and Concept

As I wanted my design to represent my clients lifestyle, I felt it was important for them to be fashion led. When choosing a theme for my collection I looked at upcoming and current trends in the fashion industry for influences. A trend that seemed very popular to me was Geometric Shapes, however having a trend that was so popular made it hard to create something new and original. That’s when I decided to add another theme of Spiro graphs, by combining the two I was hoping to create something different. Adding Spiro graphs works with greeting products because it’s a bit of fun and playful. Everyone I speak with say how it reminds them of when they were children and how much fun they had playing with Spiro graphs. Greeting products allows us to be more playful with designs rather then  fashion or interior for example, because they are usually given as a gift to represent two peoples relationship. However I still want my designs to be sophisticated and mature so to keep the main focus away from the Spiro graphs, to refrain from there being a childish look to my products.

Research folder-6

When considering Geometric shapes I felt it was important to have a concept behind the theme, to give some direction with creating shapes and patterns. I thought that without it I will have trouble creating new shapes and will get stuck on the same idea. I have decided to use maps as my concept, working on all scales from small towns locating young and trendy places to hang out, for example skate parks and cafes, to world maps which link capital cites and tourist attractions. Although none of this would be made obvious in my designs I thought it was an interesting way to create my patterns. It was also fitting with my client, as teenagers are renowned for traveling, taking gap years and generally being adventurous while they are still young enough to do so.


Research folder-13 Research folder-14


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