Market Research

On deciding what company to design for I knew I wanted it to be a store I could relate to. A place I was familiar with as I knew it would be to my benefit to already  have a good understanding of the style, price range and customer. I decided on Tescos is the company. As a student I shop there regular for food, Uni supplies and daily essentials. Their style is very modern but simple, their designs need to appeal to a variety of people  as their customers are of such a wide range, from students like myself, to working people grabbing a quick lunch on the go, to parents getting their weekly stop. Tescos is a ‘one stop shop’, everything you need under one roof.

They also provide a variety of prices. From good value to luxury, budget is important to Tescos. This helps when it comes to my designs as it means I have some flexibility with price of materials although I have decided to set my selling price at £2.50 a card.

When I visited Tescos as part of my research to look at the cards they have on sell already I noticed they were not providing well for a specific market area. The young male market. All the greeting cards aimed to males in their late teens/ early twenties I found to be very dated and didn’t represent the customer.

Research folder-7

This is a card found in Tescos compared to a card found else where with the same message. I find the card on the right to be much more appealing to male teens, it represents who they are a lot better. They are at an age of maturity and growing into an adult and I find the card on the right to be to opposite of this. I want to design cards show the lifestyle of a male teen, designs you would find on their clothing, or graphics. Something that would sit nicely in their bedroom and show they trendy person they are.



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