Company and Client

Company: When deciding on a company to design my range of greeting products, I wanted to choose a place I felt I already had a good understanding of. Somewhere I have previously shopped meaning I know what kind of products they sell, what is their consistent style, the price range of their products and who the general customer is. I felt that by already having an understanding of this general information I would be able to design my products better and more specific to that one place. It also saved me time during my research from having to find out this information.

I decided to design for Tescos as it is a place I shop regularly. From research I know it has a very large customer base, ranging from teenagers to the elderly of both genders. This meant I wasn’t limited when deciding on the market I wanted to design for. The price range in Tescos is one that I felt comfortable work too, it has quite a varied range of prices which allowed me room to play with different techniques which would add more expense to my final products. The majority of standard cards were priced around £2-£3, which is a nice middle market price and is where my products would sit.

Client: After deciding on my company I spent much time down the aisles looking at their existing selection of greeting products. Trying to work out what worked the best and what was missing from their large range. I realised there was a gap when it came to young males. Their selection of ‘Happy 18th Birthday’ cards were not what I would call appealing to young males whose lifestyle is largely based around friends, fashion, style and being social. The cards were saying ‘18 years old’ on them, but looked like they were designed for a 10 year old. I can see that these cards would be appealing to the young mans grandmother, but Tescos has such a wide range of customers, it is just as likely for the clients friends to pop in and pick up a card then it is his family members. I decided to design a card that was appealing to all people both giving and receiving gifts. I wanted designs that all friends and family members would feel happy purchasing and would also sit comfortably on a shelf in the clients room, a card that could have come from their Nan and they wouldn’t be embarrassed to show to their friends.


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