Camden Market


Photo 09-10-2014 01 17 33 pm Photo 09-10-2014 01 25 59 pm

Today I continued my research at Camden Market, London. The stalls were   filled with different products to those in the high street stores and super markets. It was interested to see a new side of the designs, they well far less commercialised but there was a trendy, stylish look to them which appealed to the market I am designing for.

The sentiments on the cards were more quirky and a play on words. A lot of the cards were square size which looked more contemporary and stylish. Although the colours were still bright they had a more textured matt look to them rather then the ones in the stores which had a shiny laminated finish.

The market seems like a trend urban place to shop however its not available to everyone, I want to create designs with the same stylish trendy look but can be mass produced and widely available.


Whilst in London we also visited Liberties, this has a completely different customers and a much higher price range then both Tescos and the Camden Market. It was interesting to see what the high end market were supplying. There style was a lot different as their customer is that of a different age and profession, but it gave a good idea of the techniques affordable to use.

Photo 09-10-2014 04 58 02 pm Photo 09-10-2014 03 28 37 pm



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