Visiting IG

On arrival it was obvious we were going to have a fun inspiring day ahead of us. Every wall was full of colour and designs, there was to much to get my head around but thats what was so exciting. We were given a briefing by head of creative greetings, Sarah Barker who made me feel motivated and able to do well in this project.

We were introduced to new techniques and ways of designing whilst given a tour of the building. They used everything you could imagine and it was all available to us. They explained to us how presentation is important and it is key to selling designs, they had mood boards around every corner so we got a good feel of their style as a company and how they display their work.

We got a good understanding of the products they produce, not just greeting cards, all the accessories that go with them, gift wrap, bags, tags etc. As well as who they sell to, the big companies on the high street that we all know and love like, Tescos, Next and Wh Smith.

With all this visual inspiration I cant wait to expand my own ideas into design I hope the company will like.


Photo 02-10-2014 10 18 12 am Photo 02-10-2014 10 19 47 am Photo 02-10-2014 11 31 26 am


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