Over the last 2 weeks I have spent time with a designer and a maker from the third year of textiles. Helping to set up their final exhibition, I felt the pressure and it wasn’t my work on show. The experience has really opened my eyes to the tasks I will be set next year, how much time and effort will be needed from me and the commitment needed.

I was really excited and enthusiastic to start working with my buddies as I waned to, not only help them as much as I could, but I wanted to learn from them. Gain any little tips and advise they have as current thirds years.

Is anything you would have done different in hindsight?

What has worked well?

How could things be improved?

What is the long-term plan?

All questions I was eager to find out along with many more. It was interesting seeing the work ethics, one of my buddies explained how she says in Uni most night until 8pm, and comes in at weekend. This was a big shock.

There were many parts of the project that I wasn’t aware of, such as business cards and post cards. It was seeing little things like this that has prepared me for next year when I will be doing all this hard work. It is nice to see students at the end of what I can imagine to be a long process, it gives me confidence that I will make it to the end of my degree and can keep up with the work expectations.

I feel I have been very lucky with the buddies I have been working with. They are very welcoming, friendly and happy to give their advice. They both seemed very organized which meant we were able to make the most of our days, with each task rolling onto the next. There was a lot of time spent waiting around for things to be completed before we could work on them, but this wasn’t due to the preparation of my buddies.

All in all I have learnt so much in preparation for my third year and have had a very successful buddy experience. Although it has sacred me a little seeing the work load, I think even more so it has made me excited. Seeing all the beautiful and creative work the thirds years have, I’m looking forward to being able to get stuck in and producing work at that level.


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