TopShop Managing Director Talk

Today me and some course friends made a trip to Bath as they are currently holding their annual ‘Bath in Fashion’ event. We had booked tickets to go to a talk with the Topshop Managing Director, Mary Homer. It was a great experience going off independently to an event like this.

Mary Homer talked us through the years of Topshop, showing how it has become the company it is today. Explaining key trends and movements that the company have been through and how things were changed and developed along the way to keep Topshop at the top of its game.

She also explain a bit about her own personal experience in the industry. How she started off and what led her to be in the position she is in at the moment. She talked about how much she loves the jobs she does and that is what she considers to be most important to becoming successful. Hearing her advise and seeing how hard she has to work on a daily basis is very inspiring.



We also had the chance to visit the Fashion Museum whilst in Bath. It was an interesting experience, learning about fashion through the ages and seeing how styles have developed over years. We were able to see how certain style have done a full circle in fashion. For example, being in fashion during the 60’s, then going completely out of fashion for many years, to then be back in style during current years. We even had 5 minutes of fun dressing up as victorians.

photo 1-6photo 2-7photo 3-1


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