‘Connor Sparrowhawk was a fit and healthy young man, who loved buses, London, Eddie Stobart and speaking his mind. Known as LB online, short for Laughing Boy, he also happened to have autism and epilepsy. On the 19th March 2013, he was admitted to Slade house Assessment and Treatment Unit run by Southern Heath NHS Foundation Trust. Tragically after #107 days in the unit, he drowned in the bath on 4th july 2013. An entirely preventable death. Twelve months later #107 days seeks to inspire, collate and share positive actions being taken to support #justiceforLB and all young dudes. We want to harness the energy, support and outrage that had emerged in response to LB’s death and ensure that lasting changes and improvement are made.’ http://107daysofaction.wordpress.com/

Today we had an inspiring talk at Cardiff University where we were informed about the #107Days campaign and this tragic story. We were all asked to take part in an activity which would raise awareness about this situation and try and get justice for LB. And of course, textiles was involved.

The task was to create a patchwork quilt which could be hung at any events that were being held to promote the campaign. Obviously we weren’t asked to do this alone. There were squares entered from all over the country from people that had heard about Connors story and wanted to show support and help. It was a really moving and inspiring afternoon we spent at Cardiff Uni and I think that all student that attend would agree.

We each completed a 6x4Inch square ready to add to the quilt. I can’t wait to see the finished piece and spread the word about #107Days.


photo 1-5 photo 3-5 photo 2-6


My patchwork square.


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