‘Working with real clients and having their briefs to work from meant I got too experience the high expectations there are in this industry first hand.’

‘Having the chance to look through all the fabrics has given me so much inspiration. I realise that some of the best and most popular designs are the more simple ones, so sometimes it pays to not over complicate things. I also understand the use of coordinates better after seeing how they are set out in the professional sample books.’

Photo 13-03-2014 12 15 50 pm

‘Teresa has repeatedly said that when designing a room, its important to make it look like it has developed over time, even if that is not the case. Using different tones of a colour adds depth and interest, it also shows you have put in time and effort in to find designs that work well together and compliment each other.’

‘Its nice to become familiar with the business around Devon and to know that the design industry is very much happening local to my hometown. Now I can look for work experience in the right places for over the summer and other holidays.’

‘I use to think that getting a job in London with a big design company was out of reach for me, however after this work experience and having the great feedback I have received I am more confident that I can do exactly that. Having these conversations also makes it feel a lot less scary to do so. Its widened my view on possible career choice for me after leaving university.’

‘I have seen how schemes are presented to clients, and how it compares and differs to the presentations we do at university and the skills we are taught.’

Photo 19-03-2014 11 27 37 am

‘I had the chance to familiarise myself with top end companies that are used in interior design and get a understanding on each ones individual style, expense and identity. I feel this information will come in good use when I go to get a job in the industry.’

‘Over the last week I have become more organized, using my diary to keep track of important deadlines and meetings with clients. I am able to plan other work around these times giving myself specific deadlines, so I have been completing work faster. Having a better structure to my day has definitely made them more productive.’

‘I am having such a positive experience, its giving me motivation, inspiration and determination! I have never felt so confident in what I want to do with my career, I feel its really opened my eyes to the opportunities out there and I see all the paths available to me, it is my responsibility to make sure I make the most of them.’

‘I have learnt to see the beauty in everything! Morocco has so much to offer in terms of inspiration. You don’t have to look far to see beautiful vibrant colours and detailed patterns, it made me realise that it’s not just Morocco that has inspiration all around. You can find inspiration anywhere you look. Since coming back I have started to look at things with new eyes. I found that in places I was familiar with there was so much detail I would miss as I walked past because I didn’t think to look so closely.’


‘It shocked me when I realised how lucky I was with the opportunities I have been given in life, and that I should be making more from them. Everything I need to be successful and create great beautiful things is right at my fingertips. It has made an impact on my work as I have learnt to make full use of the facilities that not only the university provides but also the city of Cardiff.’

‘I came home from Morocco with more enthusiasm and energy for doing everything. I have never had an experience before this that has made such a big impact to me. I was overwhelmed with how hard everyone works in the city, and what they have to show for it. Their sense of community and culture was so important to them and it was obvious everywhere you looked.’

‘Learning a new culture and gaining so much visual imagery has made a massive impact on my work. It has opened my eyes to the world and I have become more ambitious to go travel and discover more of the world. Just learning more about the people who live there and their way of life. It has definitely made me more aware other peoples needs and I don’t feel so naïve to different cultures and life styles.’


‘Overall I have had two very successful field modules. Gaining so many personal skills and dramatically improving those skills of which relate to my practice. Morocco was life changing in terms of my ambition, inspiration and motivation. While working in the real world has given me so much confidence, and has made me more determined and motivated work as hard as I can to achieve the career I want and have had the slight taste of this last month.’


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