My Time at CHD

As my work placement has come to an end I have taken the time to reflect back at how much I have developed over the last 4 weeks in relation to my work. I have gain so much information from working in the ‘real world’ that I don’t know where to begin to explain.

Working with real clients and having real briefs to work from meant I got too experience the expectations there are working in this industry. My time at Custom House Design allowed me to see the work of a lady who has set up her company from home, which is in comparison to my work placement in a shop the process isn’t a lot different. All the products and companies used are the same, and so is the service. It is just a company of a different size.

Having the chance to look through all the fabrics has given me inspiration when it comes to creating my own designs. I realise that some of the best and most popular designs are the more simple ones, so sometimes it pays to not over complicate things. I also understand the use of coordinates better after seeing how they are set out in the sample books. That sometimes if a design is very busy it needs a simple plain coordinate, where colour plays an important factor.

When making coordinates it can be useful to have few colours but using different tones of those colours. Teresa has repeatedly said that when designing a room, its important to make it look like it has developed over time, even if that is not the case. She taught me not to use the exact same colours in every aspect of the room. The look you get from doing this becomes very set out and doesn’t give a comfortable home-like atmosphere that you would be trying to create. Using different tones adds depth and interest, it also shows you have put in time and effort to find design that work well together and compliment each other.

It has been lovely working with Teresa as she is based so close to my hometown in Devon. I repeatedly get told that all how I will have to move to a big city like London to find a job, which I am becoming more confortable with the idea of doing that. But at the same times its nice to become familiar with the business around Devon and to know that the design industry is happening local to me. Now I can look for work experience in the right places for over the summer and other holidays, as I have had such a positive time doing work placement over the last few weeks, I definitely want to continue doing so when I have the time.


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