Mood Boards

Today I was asked to produce 3 mood boards for a client, one for each of the children’s rooms Teresa is designing. The house is a new build and the family is currently living in a mobile home on the land. They have spent all winter living there and although mood boards are not usually part of the Custom House Design service, Teresa though it would be a nice idea to give the children. So they have something to look forward to and get excited about, which I agree with.

Photo 19-03-2014 11 27 37 am

I used samples of the paints and fabrics that were selected to go in their rooms, the paints had been chosen by the children themselves this then determined the colour theme of the room, which Teresa then chose coordinating fabrics for. I wanted the boards to be fun and playful as they were essentially for children but at the same time they needed to be professional as the clients would see and have an opinion on them. And as this was a big project for Custom House Design I wanted to portray the company under the right light. I also wanted to impress Teresa, as an employer this was the first time she has seen something produced by myself. As it might be the only bit of work Teresa will see of mine I wanted to make a good impression by presenting these mood boards professionally and to I high standard.

 Photo 19-03-2014 11 28 56 am

Although Teresa doesn’t make mood boards for every client she does one the odd occasion, but as the client tends to keep the mood boards I haven’t seen any that she has made. Therefore I have no idea how she would present her ideas or lay out a board. Initially I wanted to see how Teresa does her boards to give me some ideas but after I had completed them I realised I didn’t need to see her work to help me with mine. And by not seeing her boards meant that what I had produced was influenced by anyone else, it was all completely my own ideas and design.

 Photo 19-03-2014 11 27 56 am

I was happy with how the turned out. I only had a short amount of time to make them before we had our meeting with the client. I painted out tags of the colours that are going to be used on the walls. And cut down samples of the fabrics, which I then coordinated together and attached only on one side so they can be played and experimented with a little. The boards also consisted of a floor plan of the room. This was to help the children visualise their room, imagine where the furniture will be placed and the size.


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