CHD Reflection

I have learnt over the past 4 weeks that I am capable of achieving everything I want to. I use to think that getting a job in London with a big company wouldn’t ever happen to me, however after this work experience and having the great feedback I have received I am more confident that I can do just as much as anyone else. Having these conversations also makes it feel a lot less scary to do so. It has been so beneficial to me working one on one with Teresa as she has had the time to talk through things such as fabrics, and what materials are used for what jobs. She has also shown me how to do all the pricing and writing up invoices. This is all new information and knowledge that I’m learning from Teresa is so valuable as we don’t get taught it at university.

I feel a lot more positive about my work and future career from this experience. Seeing how Teresa works from home and has set up her own business is a good example of how you can achieve anything as long as you want it enough and enjoy what you do. I have never felt comfortable calling myself an artist, which sounds daft as I’m at art school. But after the last 4 weeks I do feel comfortable calling myself a designer, working alongside professionals that do exactly what I love doing and want to do in the future gives me confidence in what I produce.

I have been asked to make up some mood boards for 3 young children who are having their bedrooms designer by Teresa in a new build house. Mood boards are not usually part of Teresa’s service but on this occasion we decided to do so. It was fun being able to get creative, using samples of paint and fabric to put the boards together. I also went through Teresa’s fabric books and picked out certain ones I though matched a brief we have. We will take these books with us next week to visit the client at her ‘Devon long house’ home. It was pressure having this responsibility and at first I was worried I wouldn’t get it wright. But once I had chosen the books I thought we should take and Teresa agreed with me, I felt so confident that I had made the correct decision.

 I am generally better prepared for each day in work by being more organized, and keeping to deadlines set for the day before. I have made sure that all work is completed on time. I understand that if something falls behind then it has a domino effect, which is very had to catch up with, until you have a day off to catch up. So I work hard and fast in the day to keep things moving smoothly. Also having to plan when I do my work around meetings with clients and visiting the suppliers.

 I will use the last few days in placement to make sure I have covered all parts of the business, and gain as much information as possible, which I do feel satisfied I have done.


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