Chelsea Harbour

Today I left the office and made a trip to London. Although it was organized through the university Teresa insisted that I went, as it was an exhibition she visits every year in the summer, and said it would be a good opportunity for me.

Photo 13-03-2014 12 15 04 pm

Arriving to the Chelsea Harbor Design Show it wasn’t quite what I expected. Where I was imaging an open floor full of stalls trying to grab your attention, the atmosphere was quite and calming. The building was almost like a shopping mall, to give you a scale of how big this place was, there were 3 separate domes which each had 4 floors. There was also no stalls or stands, instead each company had their own shop filled with displays and sample books of their collections.

Photo 13-03-2014 01 26 02 pm

At our own time and pace we were able to stroll in and out of each shop as we pleased. There was nothing hectic about the experience, like I had imagined. You gain a pretty good understanding of company just from looking at the display windows. I was lucky enough to have already worked with some of the companies from my work placement, ordering samples etc from them. I passed what I had learnt to my friends I was with. Such as how the sample books work according to colour and coordinates, and when it come to ordering samples I knew where to find the information and how to fill out an order form. It is things that I have got confident at doing over the last few weeks. Just instead of doing it in work, I was doing it in Chelsea Harbours design centre.

Photo 13-03-2014 12 15 26 pm

I was surprised with how many companies were there that I still hadn’t come across, it made me realise how many are in competition with each other. It was these companies I ordered samples from and spent the most time looking at as it was all new designs to me. Another advantage of the show was getting to see the designs in full lengths of fabric, they hung on the displays, and draped down the walls which was beautiful. In the sample books the cuttings are so small you don’t get the full effect of the repeat

Photo 13-03-2014 01 10 42 pm

I was surprised to see how many of the designs included stitch, you tend to think most would just use print as it is more hard wearing. There was a lot of pixelated designs which consisted of a picture being created by lots of squares. This effect looked fantastic at a distance but as the scale of the images were large up close its was difficult to see the clear image. These designs worked well for wallpapers as they lay flat and could be seen from a distance, but i cant see them working so well on smaller objects such as cushions or even curtains as the fabric folds.


file.axd Awa

It was a long day but worth the trip. Going to London isn’t so scary I suppose.


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