Custom House Design

A lady called Teresa Hamin set up custom House Design, once a shop based just outside of Exeter, Devon, she now works from home as it is more practical to do so. Walking around her recently barn converted house, there were lots of products and company names I recognized from my pervious work placement. It was reassuring to see these names again as they were ones I had become so familiar with, also knowing they are popularly used by designers. Teresa was very warm and welcoming with her support and advise, which immediately made me feel at ease. As Teresa worked alone most of the time it meant that we spent the whole day in each others company, and we built a good relationship up very quickly which is important when there is only have 2 weeks working together. Doing this process I have become very use to meeting new people and making quick relationships with them. Trying to understand what kind of a person they are, how my work will benefit them and what information I can gain.

Photo 20-03-2014 10 11 51 am

Each day I have had clear understanding of what we needed to be accomplish, which helped throughout the day as we were able to remind each other of things to do and made the most of our time. We worked very much as a team, and I feel my opinion is valued which allowed me to become more confident over the days to have an input, knowing it was appreciated and taken on board.

Photo 20-03-2014 10 12 01 am

 Teresa works more hands on, by visiting suppliers and doing fittings herself. Although she does have a fitter she still collected the necessary equipment and is on site to give her help. This may be because she has a smaller business and has to do this work but I think a lot of it is because she enjoys being more hands on. It has also helped me to realise how you can work on a smaller scale and work individually. She separates her time between the office and visiting clients homes. I have come to realise that the rewarding part of the job is not so much designing the curtains as fun as it can be, but to actual fit them and see the transformation it has to the room. Seeing your design come to life and the final product.


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