My Scheme

Andrew had set me a hypothetical brief last week to give me something to focus on and produce. We decided that this would make the best use of my time here and I how I could gain the most from my experience. He acted as a client for me, looking to having their London town house re- decorated. We sat down and had a little discussion where I was able to ask lots of questions to find out more about my client. Although it was hypothetical I did get a good understanding on the situation, I acted in a professional manner paying lots of interest to what the client was saying. Not only was it important for me to get an insight to my clients preferred style and fashion but equally important to understand his way of living.

 There are key parts of the design that are determined by the clients lifestyle, such as working hours and social life.

 When putting the scheme together I found it difficult to begin with, I was being to precious with what I was doing. Where I was going through sample books one at a time Andrew advised me to pull lots out together so I was able to layer them and see which ones worked the best, I soon had a collage of fabrics spread across the table which I was then able to decide how to place within the room.

photo 2-5

 When I was struggling to get started Andrew also suggested to think of a key piece in the room, the Wallpaper, Sofa, Curtains etc. Whichever one is the considered the main element is what you should chose for first, it then makes it easier to match the rest accordingly.

 I rang up the suppliers and ordered my own cuttings of the fabrics. Which arrived just a few days later, I could finally get a better view of my scheme having the samples laid flat out in front of me. It was a really achievement seeing what I had designed, the process wasn’t as difficult as i first though and I realise now its all about having the confidence in what you do.

Andrew explained to me that the way he sees it is that when it comes to design, you either have it, or you don’t. And if you do have the designers eye then chances are what you do is going to be successful. Of course everyone has their own taste and are individual but will understand the use of colour and pattern. photo 3-4

My scheme I put together for a dinning room, Carpet, Curtains and chairs.

photo 1-4

This is the scheme I put together for a Front room. Consisting of Wallpaper, Curtains and Blinds, Upholstery and Cushions.


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