Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones is the managing director at Chameleon Interiors. She set up the business over 20 years ago and is full of the best knowledge and information on the industry. I feel so lucky to be working a long side her, each and every day I find out more about the work and projects she has been involved in, she even once had her own TV series. Her work and personal home have been featured in many interior magazines and published books which I have had the pleasure of reading up on over the last week and gaining so much information, inspiration and motivation. 

Yvonne and Andrew

Today I spent the day visiting the homes of Yvonnes clients she has been in business with for many years. I had to stay very professional when meeting these people, Yvonne sells a service as well as her interior skills so it was important I represented her as well as her company to the high standard she would expect from me.

We visited 3 homes, each completely unique and magnificent in their own way. One very modern which belonged to Yvonnes sister, the other two much more historical and grand. As interesting as visiting these homes were it was the journey in the car that I gained the most information from today. Having that one on one time with Yvonne in the car allowed us to communicate better then when she is busy in the office. I was able to ask questions about her career, find out what it was that made her so successful, and ask what her advice to me would be.

She explained how her plans of becoming a teacher didn’t happen and that this change in career is something that I should be aware of. Throughout my career I need to be adaptable and willing to change my plans and try new experiences. To take every opportunity that is given to me as I will gain from all of it. I learnt that by doing this I will get a better understanding of how the industry works and in turn will become more successful at what I do. Its important to have these building blocks behind me to build up a reputation and opinion people feel they can trust. Having experience in this industry is the most important thing you can have.

Today has really given me something to think about for my future career. When I get asked now ‘what do you want to do after leaving university?’ my answer is not ‘to become an interior designer’. It is actually to go out and gain experience in the industry, theres so much to learn and things to enjoy along the way. If in ten, twenty years times I’m doing interior design then I know I will be happy. But if not, then it means I found something I am more interested in on my journey.


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