In Reflection

Over the last week I have come to realise that my basic knowledge on things such as fabrics and materials is very little. Including things such as the way different fabrics are made and fabricated, to the purpose of each ones use. This is information I would have learnt at a lower level of education and after the last week I realise it would be to my benefit that I refer back to this information and refresh my memory. However on a positive side, I do feel I have a wide range set of skills. All tasks given to me I have felt comfortable completing and confident they were done so to the companies high standard.

The most enjoyable part of working in the ‘real world’ is realizing how many job opportunities are out there for after I graduate. After seeing just how many design houses there are and realizing the different working positions each one has, is like seeing light at the end of a tunnel. That after all my hard work studying there are jobs available! It is exciting and relieving to see where I could be standing in a few years time. Just from talking to the reps and hearing how they got into the industry. That is what I have found most enjoyable, actually seeing myself fitting into the design industry.

Realizing how much paper work comes with being an interior designer has to be the least enjoyable thing about working in the real world. I don’t know if it is the same with all design jobs but from what I have seen 90% of the work is letters and emails. I guess a lot of this is due to the running of a business. And if I had visited a bigger design company there would be a separate department dealing with the business aspect. Another reason would depend on the responsibility of the job. The designers I have been working with are very established and high up. They have built a very good reputation for themselves over many years. They have featured in magazines, books and even on television shows. With this all happening, along with keeping in contact with clients its no wonder there is constant emails and phone calls.

Over the last week I have definitely become more organized, using my diary to keep track of deadlines and meetings with clients. It has helped for me to make the most of my day. I am able to plan other work around these times giving myself specific deadline, so I have been completing work faster. Having a better structure to my day has definitely made them more productive.

I feel I could improve my input in general by having more confidence. I let the fear of being wrong stop me from saying a lot of what I think, and from putting my ideas across. I show lots of interest in what is going on and make sure to ask lots of questions and gain as much information as possible. Its just when I get asked the questions I’m not very expressive.

I am having such a positive experience, its giving me motivation, inspiration and determination. I have never felt so confident in what I want to do with my career, I feel its really opened my eyes to the opportunities out there and I see all the paths available to me, it is my responsibility to make sure I make the most of them. These thought and feelings I have making me want to work harder and its definitely showing in my work.

I want to improve on the time it takes me to complete work, and already I’m noticing a change. Seeing how hard the designers work and how fast they have to get things done has made me realise that with no distractions available things get done a lot quicker. I also want to improve my understanding of the industry, when I have one to one time with the designers and they are not busy I will ask about what made them want to become and interior designer and how it was they got into the industry. Already the advise to me has been to go to London for a job but I want a better understanding before doing that.


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