Meeting a Representative

Today I met with a rep from one of the companies that Chameleon Interior already do business. The reason for this meeting was that Casamance, the company, were bringing out a new line of fabircs ready for the new season.


The communication between the designers and the rep was intensely different to how I had experienced before between the designers and their clients. As the rep spoke his way through the sample books giving a very detailed description on each different fabric the designers were not giving much away to what they liked and what they didn’t.

This has shown me the business side to the trade. That it is important to make quick confident decisions, for example which books they wanted to order to keep in store. As it is impossible for them to have space for every book from every company. And not all the books are going to be to the taste of the company.

Where as before I have got to see the designers try and sell their design ideas to the clients in this situation it was them being persuaded into purchasing. And it was really interesting to see how the dynamics changed, and also how the designers came to a decision together. Remembering that they both have different tastes so had to take into consideration what each other would most benefit from.


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