Each day is a different story

Ok, so it might only be my second day in the shop but it was completely different to yesterday. We visited what I would call, a building site in Llandaff. The process was at a much earlier stage to the one we visited yesterday. The walls were still being plastered, the bath room hadn’t started being fitted and the scaffolding was still up.

It was so interested to see how Andrew could already vision the finished product, you could tell in the way he described the room he knew down to the last detail how the house would look. Every colour, texture and pattern. Not only that but he knew all the measurements, the fixtures, the fittings, the finishings, Everything!!! 

It was a big shock to me how much information Andrew carried, how it was even possible for him to know so much information about the house. But he has designed everything, down to the small details, and any changes or decisions have to be run past him. He explained me that this is to ensure that nothing goes wrong and that everyone has a clear vision.

I came away thinking I am never going to be that knowledgable, but I keep having to remind myself that the people I am working beside have been in the industry for longer then I have been alive. So of course I have a lot of catching up to do, and I don’t think I should expect myself to know all these things quite yet. And if I worry about it to much then I wont get anywhere.

However although I didn’t learn any of the technical side that was being discussed today, I am now aware of it. Which as I wasn’t before I didn’t think to looking into it. I can now do some reading and research on the topics and hopefully widen my knowledge, even if it is by the slightest. If I am ever in that situation again I would like to think I would have a better understanding.


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