The Odd Interesting Facts

Marrakech is the most important city in Morocco.

‘A Marrakech’ – Non Arabic word a Berber word, means a grazing area with grass and water.

There are 7 building with green roofs in the city for the 7 holy men of Marrakech who have the power to heal.


A foundouk is a resting place for the merchants to stay as they travel between citys.


Moorish houses have two doors in one, the inner smaller part of the door is used for the people of the house, and the larger whole part of the door can be opened when there are animals to be let inside the house.


The hand is used on doors to bring good luck.


The bakery is a traditions building providing a traditional service. each quarter of the city must have its own bakery. Familys don’t bake for themselves, apart from on celebrations. The baker puts holes in the bread to remind him which family he is cooking for. The eldest member of the family always eats first.


The furnace is used to heat the steam baths and hammams. With the use of wood and chippings. It is another traditional element to the city.


The steam baths are a local meeting point for the woman to meet and socialise. Men and woman attend at different times.



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