YSL Gardens

Unfortunately we chose the a day of rain and clouds to visit these beautiful gardens which meant we couldn’t take full advantage of what there was to offer. It was to wet and cold to sit and draw but we made the most of what we could and captured the wonderful colours and textures by photography.


Surrounded with cactus trees to palm trees the garden contained a full range of textures. With patterns and colours covering the floor we walked on right, up to the top of the trees. If anything the rain only intensified the colour.

It was a place of peace and tranquility.

DSCF2243When in the garden you were able to forget about all the chaos and complete disorder of the city outside. In traditional moroccan style there were water fountains in each corner of the gardens.

DSCF1804The walls and ceramics were painted in bright happy colours, of blues, orange and yellows. Every part of the garden contained huge amounts of detail, from the natural pattern of which the leafs have fallen to the hand crafted plant pots.

DSCF2238 DSCF2240

Within the gardens there was a museum dedicated to Yve Saint Laurents collection of traditional Moroccan artefacts. From hand held workmen tools to ladies jewellery to caftans robes and rugs and ceramics such as tagine pots. His collection was impressive.

While in the museum I learnt that traditional the ladies would wear really heavy and expensive necklaces to show wealth. It was their banking system. And if and an animal was to pass away then the jewellery was sold to buy new cattle.


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