Musée de Marrakech

The local museum was amazing. Restored in 1997 to save the building from demolition. Above where I stood was a chandelier, twice my hight in length, and weighing half a ton. Once again this building contained huge amounts of colour, pattern and detail.


The ceiling decorated with the most intricate pattern, all hand painted using natural dyes. Before being renovated the building was a palace to the Minister of Defence and his family and workers. The now tiled up court yard was once a garden.



The museum displays embroidery work by the local woman.
Berber silver jewellery made by the Jewish, Silver brings good luck and keeps out the evil eye.
A display of tea pots and kettles to show how to make traditional Moroccan mint tea.
Daggers shown which were worn by the men as protection and to display ‘manhood’


It was a beautiful place to sit and draw, there was so much to take in and absorb, I felt I could easily spend the whole day there. But there was no time for that!



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