Jemaa el-Fnaa square and Souks

The square was full of life, and full of attractions. Of course it costs to just take a picture!


There was everything you could imagine…

…Men selling mobile phone on the street.
…Monkeys in nappies
…Children trying to sell tissues
….Horse and cart rides 
…Snake charmers 
…A collection of teeth


YES! A collection of teeth!
A man had actually set up a table displaying his HUNDREDS of teeth. Ones that had fallen out individually, and dentures that came in full sets. And its only purpose is to be photographed and tipped.
The square was nice as there was lots of space, and there was no need to get close to anything you didn’t want to. And keeping your distance was the best thing to do. Everyone seemed so busy with their own jobs to do that if you were in their way they would walk straight through you!

You need you whits about you! 


The souks was another completely different experience altogether again.
Narrow winding paths with stalls each side of you, leading down a labyrinth of chaos!
Unable to stand still for to long without being nudged into a shop and having to buy and unwanted item.


At times it was fun diving into the souks, getting lost and seeing something new around every corner. However it got very scary when desperate to leave and find a recognisable point and having no luck doing so. Also being unsure on how far to trust the locals with their directions, it was horrible being lost.


Unable to stay still and with out wanting to look lost we didn’t even have time to think before taking the next turn. With all forms of personal space being invaded it was just a point of keeping calm and composed, with the thought of your bed at the end of the day in mind.


Definitely an experience worth doing but not for everyone. A lovely place to pick up souvenirs, gifts and the odd treat for yourself. But you had to be confident when purchasing and not scared to haggle!



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