Camel Ride – La Palmeraie

We started the day with a bit of fun, a luxurious hour spent on the back of a beautiful camel called Victoria.

We were informed that to travel out the the desert is a two day trip and that going to ‘La Palmeraie’ is still a great experience in itself. It was all organised by the reception staff at the riad who got us a great deal on price and transport, they were more then happy to help us.

The drive out was less then an hour, surrounded by palm trees the area was peaceful and calm. The complete opposite to the atmosphere in the city.


The camels were so BIG! We must have been at least 10ft up, they walked us through a traditional Berber village and in the distance we had a gorgeous view of the mountains. The love shown to the camels is obvious, they are full of spirt! There was a baby following its mother and causing all sorts of mischief! DSCF1854 The guides were very entertaining, friendly and full of conversation, they gave us information about the area as we walked around and were more then happy to take pictures for us. We would occasionally come across wild animals such as sheep and goats, but none found in trees unfortunately.



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