Riad Bahia Salem

Riad Bahia Salem was beautiful. So calming considering the hustle and bustle on the streets just the other side of the big wooden doors.

Like most riads this one would have once been a family house, a massive family house for the rich. There would have been servants and care takers to keep the house running. With its own spa and roof top swimming pool with bar this place was huge.

I can’t imagine how one family could have lived here alone.

Each room was decorated different to the other, most having its own colour theme running throughout. My room was furnished with a lovely sea blue colour, the walls, the bedding, even the bathroom was top to bottom in the colour! But it was beautiful. The details were in the hand crafted wooden furniture and the patterned tiles around the room. Along with the traditional lamps and hand crafted moroccan rugs.

Each room had a window which looked inward to the courtyard at the centre of the riad, rather then out on the streets to create a more quite and peaceful surroundings . In the courtyard there was a water fountain.

‘Water is the source of all life’



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