Musee De L’art De Vivre

Getting to the museum was a task in its own, lets just say 7 people, 1 small taxi and lots of small windy roads!!!

A room for photography arts, a room for Textiles and a room for interiors. There was something at this museum for everyone. Spending a large amount of time in the textiles room I gained a lot of information on the traditional Moroccan costume of the Caftan.


There are 3 different styles of Caftan:
1: Ancient Caftan 
2: Straight Cut Caftan
3: 20th Century Rabat Caftan
For each age and rite of passage a specific style of caftan was made.
several crafts and trades are associated in creating this sartorial art, weavers, tailors, assemblers and embroiders. 

DSCF1985 DSCF2005


We were able to spend the morning sat making drawings and rubbings of the great amounts of detail surrounding us. I really got a better understanding of how the Moroccans fabricate their work, all hand made using traditional techniques.


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