Meeting Marrakech

After a long day traveling to North Africa, we finally hit our riad around 8:30PM. The friendly   tour guide on the coach greeted us with lots of useful advice on…

1) Haggling 
2) Nice places to eat
3) The locals

My first thought of the country were that it was beautiful, the buildings are grand, everywhere was lit up and the streets were lively. It was nothing how I imagined, considering how late at night it was it was so busy. As soon as I stepped off the coach everything I was feeling anxious about were forgotten.

Arriving at the riad the staff were so friendly, we were welcomed with the traditional drink of mint tea and biscuits to settle us in. Not to my taste but if this is how the Moroccans have their tea then as shall I!

As excited as I was to go and explore the city, tonight I was far to tired. It had been a long day and I decided on an early night, to be sure for a fresh start in the morning!My riad room


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