Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual arts

  MMPVA – Marrakech museum for photography and visual arts is located in El Badi Palace. Established in 2012 as a non-profit institution. Exhibiting the best Moroccan and North African lens-based and international contemporary arts.


Some of the exhibitions I was able to see included ‘The Shock of Being Seen’ by Simon Njami. The photographer uses his own language to express ideas and feelings.

‘Language is what transforms the chaotic world of sensations into forms and representations’ -Henri Delaoroxi. Translating a certain reality into his own words, focusing on the inbetween.


The one exhibition that really caught my eye was 20dhs ou 1 photo by Ms. Meiselas. Focusing on ‘What is the value to a photograph in subject of the image’.  

Ms. Meiselas set up a pop up booth on the spice market and asked the local woman to have their picture taken. They were then offered to take their photo or instead 20 Dirhams, the equivalent to less then £2!!!

78 Woman agreed to having their photo taken,
60 Woman took the 20dhs
18 Woman kept their picture

On displayed were the photographs of the woman who took the dirhams and a 20 dirham note for those woman of which kept their picture.


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