Global Cultural Collaboration: Morocco

‘Culture identifies and defines people’

‘The mind is not a blank slate.  Culture and socialisation and learning is important.  As artists or designers we have an instinctive nature that makes us pay attention to the environment around us, …..we can’t understand learning or culture or socialisation without understanding the innate creativity of human nature which makes culture possible’.
(Professor Steven Pinker: Cognitive psychologist & writer.  BBC Radio 4. July 2013)

Through out this new project I will be focusing on material culture and cultural values whilst identifying my own material values and individual style.


I will focus on how my chosen practice of Textiles is perceived within other cultures.
To do this I will be taking a trip out to Morocco, to research into the subject.
I hope to learn about all aspects of the Moroccan culture and engage it with my work using key elements of Colour and Texture.
As well as visiting museums, markets and the Souks I will also focus on the traditional hand made crafts that Marrakech have to offer. I want to combine my two loves of hand made items and using traditional techniques.

I will result in a series of outcomes that show development and experimentation of my ideas. Along the way I will keep a documentation of my work through sketch books, research and my blog.



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