Colour Workshop

Today we had a colour workshop which helped with getting the ball rolling and producing bits of work. The workshop which was focused around stitch allowed us to create patterns and images we felt represented our visual research.
As well as looking at colour it also meant we could familiarise ourselves with the shapes used in the Moroccan designs.

Bondaweb Samples Bondaweb-2

I created these samples using a simple but so effective technique.
I painted the glue in these rich and vibrant colours,
I then cut out shapes that I could identify in my visual research,
and placed them in what I consider a ‘Moroccan style’.

As easy as 1.2.3 actually.


(In this sample I was expecting the colours on the bondaweb to be brighter then how they actually turned out, so this sample wasn’t as successful as I hoped. I intend on editing this on photoshop to give a better outcome).


Although the process was enjoyable it wasn’t reflected upon the final outcome. The bondaweb adds texture at the same time which is another key element I need to incorporate into this project.

To add more texture and dimension to my work I will machine and hand stitch back into the pieces. This will also add another level of colour which I hope will make them more attractive. This also means I will be able to change the colour of the backgrounds, which will allow me to delete the plain white and add something more appropriate. It will also make the design stand away from the background where the colours are to similar.

I also want to scan my samples into photoshop and apply them to future images I will gather from my trip to Marrakech.


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