Walk and Draw

‘You don’t see anything properly until you draw it’ 

We were asked to walk around Llandaff campus and make drawings as we went. There were no rules and I decided rather then draw like for like I would do rubbings, as I do think its gives a more interesting effect and adds texture to the page.

Back in the class room we were asked to describe our drawing in 10 words, we then exchanged these words with the person sat next to us as were asked to make a drawing that would represent theirs but by only using the describing words rather then seeing their drawing and coping parts.

Constell Book-6

It was a really interactive activity, being asked to really look at the small detail of the campus, the parts you would miss on a daily basis. It was also interesting to see how someone else has interpreted my work and seeing how different the two outcomes are.

As they are so different it makes me worry that I am using the wrong describing words on my work. Or if it is just that our styles are completely different? I will definitely be more aware of the way I talk about my work from now on as I don’t want it to be interpreted in the wrong way.

Constell Book-7

I was also be more aware of my surrounding, just from walking around Llandaff campus there was so many small interesting things that created beautiful rubbings and textures. If I was to apply the same exercise whilst talking through the park or a woods, this beauty would just be expanded.


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