Creative Challenge

Task: To make a 3D artefact out of paper ‘Decorative, Functional, Descriptive and playful’
 Theme of FLIGHT!

As a group we decided to brainstorm around the idea of ‘Flight’
-Aeroplane     -Flight of stairs        -Birds        -Insects         -Animals       -Wings        -Heights         -Freedom
-Steps         -Adrenaline        -Levels  

Collectively we all agreed on the use of levels, and this decided on the shape of the artefact for us.It would be round and each level going up would be slightly smaller giving a stairs like effect.

Then to decorate! Once we made the shape we realised it was quite a big surface to cover, so instead of just using one idea to decorate we decided to use 4 different ones for each side of the artefact.

1) Heart Rate       2) Animals in Flight          3) Navigation (Aeroplanes)                4) Air/ Balloons

Constell Book-5

It was interesting to see how fast our ideas grew as we worked together, we were able to bounce off each others thoughts to create new and better ideas. A few times we did go off course which we then had to redirect back to the point of flight. But overall we thought up an idea and produced what the brief asked of us and in a short space of time.

IMG_5370 IMG_5371

I feel I am really gaining the positives of working in a group, after being so use to working individually it is refreshing to work with others. Seeing how others work and their thought process differs to my own is inspiring me to do things differently in hope I will become more creative with more ease.


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