Recording Creative Practice

Today we looked at ways of collecting information. I now understand that I should wait for a brief or an idea to go at collect beautiful things. But as a designer everyday I should have my eye open for objects that might come in to good use. Because the more collectables I have, the more adventurous and creative I can be when it comes to producing something.

Not everything has to be bought, there is so much beauty in nature, things that have their own worn textures and seasonal colours that these are the most inspiring. Going for lovely walks is a great way to think creatively and the perfect opportunity to find and make recordings along the way.

This reminds me that beauty is everywhere, and I need to be more aware of this on a day to day basis. Sometimes my head gets so busy trying to manage everything that I realise now it would pay to take an hour to go for a walk and just concentrate on my creative work.


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